Eucomis : Greenhouse Plants

FF – frost free only

Family: Liliaceae

S and Tropical Africa

Most of these can really be grown outside in a sheltered border but I had to include them as the pineapple flowers are a great favourite of mine. Having invested in the bulbs I certainly would not leave their fate to chance outside during winter in my garden which has no particularly sheltered bed. They are all grown in pots and moved indoors. For a frost free or cool greenhouse clumps of these planted out in well-drained loam or potted in a loam-based compost would be delightful. Eucomis bicolor, the most available, grows to 60 cm (2 ft) in height and by midsummer produces a spike of long-lasting star-shaped flowers of green edged with purple. Above these is a tuft of leaves giving the whole spike the appearance of a pineapple. Even the stem is attractively spotted with deep maroon. The whole plant dies down in autumn and should be kept dry during winter until growth appears the following spring. Other species should be treated in the same way. E. zambesiaca is the exception as it is more tropical and needs a much warmer greenhouse.

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