Eucalyptus : Greenhouse Plants

C – cool, minimum of 7°C (45°F)

Family: Myrtaceae

mostly Australia

Of course many Eucalypts are hardy outside but the interesting thing about them is that their juvenile foliage is frequently very different from the adult. It is for their foliage that many species are grown in pots for the greenhouse and have wide uses as ornamental foliage plants. Eucalyptus citriodora is a nice species to try as its leaves have a strong lemon scent. E. globulus, the Blue Gum, has very attractive glaucous silver foliage; E. gunnii, the Cider Gum, is well known for its silver-blue leaves; E. niphophila, the Snow Gum, is worth a try and has elegant foliage which is extremely long lasting when cut. E.forrestiana is the only one I would recommend anyone tried as a flowering plant in a pot; called the Fuchsia Gum the bright red fruit pods resemble Fuchsia flowers as they hang down. It will still need a large pot and to attain some height before flowering. Seed germinates freely and is best sown in spring. When plants have become too tall they can be cut down drastically or ‘stooled’. They will produce bushy growth from the cut which may make them too space-consuming for a small greenhouse. It may be worth keeping one plant just to use for cut foliage all year round.

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