(D = deciduous leaf losing and E = evergreen)  

Most of the cultivated escallonias are evergreen, flowering in summer, hardiest near the sea where they are often used for hedges. A few are reasonably hardy inland, including the semi-evergreen E. langleyensis, but away from the sea most kinds do better if protected by a wall. Prune after flowering to cut away the flowered growths. Plant October or April.

Escallonia C. F. Ball (E),  6 ft. or more, crimson flowers.

E. Donard Brilliance (E),  5 to 6 ft., crimson flowers.

English: Escallonia rubra var. macrantha (flow...

English: Escallonia rubra var. macrantha (flowers). Location: Maui, Keahuaiwi Gulch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E. Donard Seedling (E),  9 to 10 ft., with fragrant, white, pink-flushed flowers.

E. langleyensis (semi-evergreen), 6 ft. or more, with arching branches of bright red flowers.

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