ENDIVE (Cichorium endivia)

This is a salad crop which ought to find its way into every amateur’s garden. Several sowings can be made from about the beginning of April to July, so that a succession of plants is ready for the table. More sowings can be made in August and September on a warm border under a south wall.

Sowing should be in drills 1 ft. apart, and the seedlings thinned out to 1 ft. apart in the rows. A useful place for Endive is on the ridges between the celery trenches.

At the end of October the plants are lifted with a ball of soil intact round each root and replanted in frames fairly close together. As the plants are required for table use, they are blanched by loosely tying up the leaves so that the centre is kept away from the light. Alternatively, a flower pot can be inverted over each plant. They will be fit for the table in three or four weeks. In winter or spring the plants may be blanched in the greenhouse, or in a dark shed or cellar.

Useful varieties are: “Fraser’s Broad Leaved,” “White Curled,” and for winter use, “Green Curled.”

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