Echeveria Pulvicox/Plush Plant

This tall-growing hybrid of E. pulvinata has silvery hairs on its leaves and dark brown short hairs on its stems. It is an easy succulent to grow and will make quite a reasonable sized bush. The tall stems usually carry just a terminal rosette of leaves. In Spring, the Plush Plant produces flowers on long hairy stems, and it is many weeks from the first flower opening to the last one appearing. They last almost as long as cut flowers. After flowering, the old flower stems should be removed, otherwise the plants become very top heavy and are liable to snap.

This plant is quite tolerant of low temperatures (to 10°C/50°F) if kept fairly dry. Like most plants, it will benefit from good ventilation, but not draughts.

This succulent requires a bright situation at all times, and it will grow happily if placed in a South-facing window.

Water well during the Spring and Summer, then allow the compost to dry before watering again. During the Autumn and Winter, the plant should be kept fairly dry: give only enough water to prevent the plant from shrivelling badly. The Plush Plant will soon rot if kept wet at lower temperatures.

Coming from arid areas, this plant benefits from a dry atmosphere. Feed the Plush Plant every fortnight during the Spring and Summer with a cactus food, or one re-commended for tomatoes at about half strength.

Succulents will do best in a well-drained compost containing about one third grit. Repot at least every two years.

Avoid making the foliage of this plant wet when it is subjected to long periods of full sun. Often, the moisture will form into droplets and magnify the sun’s rays, leaving dark brown marks where they scorch the foliage. The use of over-strength insecticide can have the same effect. It is best to apply water and insecticide in the evening so that it can penetrate before being evaporated by the sun.


Mealy Bugs may attack the Plush Plant, but are difficult to eradicate, as they are protected by a white waxy substance. Treat with methylated spirit on a cotton bud, or use a systemic insecticide.

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