Easy-Care Succulent Plants

Are you one of those people who tend to forget watering now and again or never have time to do so? This is not the end of the world because we shall suggest a few plants here that can survive short or longer periods of drought without any problem.

Succulents such as sedums, sempervivums and saxifrages are all native to the dry desert and mountain regions of the earth and they are real survivors. They store water in their fleshy leaves and survive for quite a long time on these water reserves. This means that the task of watering and feeding can be reduced to minimum. In fact, excessive watering and feeding normally leads to weakening of the plant tissues, which in turn would make them vulnerable to pests and diseases. They will thrive in full sun in shady, well-drained soil.

In summer, cacti or succulents such as Aenium or Echeveria that normally live on a window-sill can be placed outdoors. Besides these true succulents there are other plants that do not need watering every day either. These include annual summer flowering plants such as rose moss (Portulaca, Livingstone daisy Dorotheanthus, Helichrysum petiolare, parrot’s beak (lotus berthelotii), wax begonias (‘Begonia semperflorens’), ivy-leaved pelargoniums, gazanias and spurge (‘Euphorbia’). Among herbaceous perennials wormwood (Artemisia), santolinas, wall daisies (‘Erigeron karvinskianus’), blanket flower (Gaillardia) and well-known sun-loving herbs such as oregano, thyme and sage also need very little watering.

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