Doxantha : Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Bignoniaceae

Tropical America/W Indies

Doxantha unguis-cati, the Cats Claw Bignonia, is an unusual but spectacular climber which although it comes from tropical places will do well enough in a warm house. It flowers early in the year, producing bright golden-yellow flowers all over the large twining form of the plant. It needs a lot of head room to climb, securing itself with hooked tendrils as it goes. Plants do better if planted into the floor of the house rather than in pots. After flowering it can be cut back to a smaller area otherwise it will become very invasive. Should it be necessary to prune back to within a few nodes of the base it will respond well to this treatment and will be of flowering size again after a season’s growth. Propagation can either be by cuttings of short growths if you can find them or pieces of long growths if not. It is worth trying semi ripe material” from the middle of a stem cutting below a node at the base and above at the top. Sometimes, if planted out, suckers will be formed around the base which can be dug up carefully and potted or transplanted.

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