Different Ways of Growing Vegetables

Different Ways of Growing Vegetables

This section encompasses all the different growing systems that you as a gardener are likely to come across and use.


No-Digging Systems

When I discussed the bed system of growing vegetables, mention was made of methods that didn’t involve any digging. This might sound like the answer to many gardeners’ prayers but there are snags.

For a start, the ground which is going to be used for this type of vegetable growing has to be double dug to make the drainage perfect and to get the ball rolling. The best way is to stick to the 4ft (1.2m) wide beds with 18in (45cm) paths between them, as used in the bed system. However, although the beds are lightly forked over after each crop, a 4-6in (10-15cm) layer of well-rotted garden compost is then put on them and no deep digging is done at all.

The beds rise over the years and get deeper in compost so that the quality of vegetables improves all the time. That, of course, raises another snag; you have to wait some years for the beds to get deep enough in compost and to work up a full head of steam.

The system is much favoured by ‘organic’ gardeners because of the amount of compost or manure that it uses but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be set up in any garden, conventional or ‘organic’.

The quantity of bulky organic matter required can also be a stumbling block; not everyone can make or acquire the large amounts needed. Even so, it has its attractions, the main one of course being the almost complete lack of digging once the system is working.


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