Different Types of Gardens

A Choice of Gardens

With the basic gardening outline and routine settled, you can diversify and apply your thoughts to the type of garden you want. The range of plants available (even allowing for difficulties of soil and situation) is so vast that the choice is almost painfully bewildering. So there are posts within this site that are designed to offer guidance through the labyrinth of garden types.

Naturally, much depends on individual circumstances, so we offer a comprehensive collection of ideas for most situations.

childrens-garden A rising family, from early childhood to late teens, will need a play area, so we present ideas for a children’s garden. A small household of middle years will almost certainly mean a combination of activity and leisure – running a kitchen garden and mowing the lawn, and perhaps relaxing watching the fish in the pond. Approaching age will signal a taste for the less active aspects and more comfortable gardening pursuits. You can delight in pottering in the greenhouse, a warm spot on a bright but windy day even in winter.

This does not, of course, preclude under-cover gardening as a special interest at any age. Apart from the obvious merits of a greenhouse, with its facility for producing earlier and better plants (and many that cannot be raised outside) there are the added attractions of purely indoor gardening, where a specially heated and lighted room (or part of one) can provide an increasingly popular form of picturesque plant culture.

But there are many other facets. Although it is generally accepted that a garden may take many years to mature, not all of us want to wait that long, and modern techniques have made it possible to transform a site from bare soil to complete garden almost overnight. Our special post for the impatient gardener has a particular sympathy for the owner who wants to short-circuit the normal processes. The entire range is covered, from quick-growing ground-cover plants to rampant climbers; from the set pieces of patios and terraces to the easy mobility of container plants. Although the most obvious benefits of an ‘immediate’ garden are realized when starting from scratch, the techniques also offer strong possibilities and incentives when,  as occasionally happens, the owner decides he would like a change. Partial transformation can be achieved very quickly.

rock-garden-ideas Nevertheless, most of us will want a settled pattern, and the choice, our heritage of centuries, is wide. A lawn is the focal point of most gardens, but to give the greatest pleasure it must be laid and maintained properly, and we demonstrate how this should be done. Edge it, or break it up with flower beds: again the range is limitless, from a border of annuals or a display of bulbs to the colourful and perfumed panorama of roses and other shrubs providing their seasons of glory and an air of permanence.

The tiny flowers of alpines in a rock garden, the special appeal of pond plants, or a ‘natural’ garden, designed to attract wondrously-coloured insects, as well as a variety of birds and small animals, all of these give character and distinction.

Nor must we forget the underlying concept of a garden, that it exists for our needs as well as our pleasure. There is still nothing to beat home-grown produce, whether fruit, vegetables, or herbs to give flavour to our meals. As always, the best results follow individual attention and care, and the advice in this section will help you to escape from the straight-jacket of packeted and largely anonymous supplies of undefinable taste from the supermarket.

With your gardening strategy thus frame-worked, all that remains is to fill the canvas; providing the flesh and bones of the garden.

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