Cupressus : Greenhouse Plants

FF – frost free only/C – cool, minimum of 7°C (45°F)

Family: Pinaceae

Virtually any Cupressus, easily raised as a batch from seed, can be used as young plants in small pots to add height or backing to a greenhouse display. Particularly suitable is Cupressus macrocarpa, the Monterey Cypress, which has very attractive juvenile foliage with a lovely lemon scent when crushed or moved. However, a really choice specimen Cupressus would be C. cashmeriana known as the Kashmir Cypress, although it is probably also from Tibet. In the greenhouse either planted in the border or confined to a pot or tub it makes a most graceful small tree, the branches of which bear sprays of downward sweeping glaucous silvery-blue foliage. Plants are either raised from seed which is probably easier and best sown in spring. It is difficult but not impossible to root cuttings, preferably ‘heeled’, about 10 cm (4 in) long. I have found that taking these in summer at a temperature of 15°C (60°F) is the best way. As the plants grow and become small trees they will eventually become confined to the largest container you can accommodate sensibly. From then on good watering and liquid feeding is essential with perhaps a top dressing every spring.

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