COUVE TRONCHUDA (Brassica oleracea oblonga)

This is commonly known as the Portugal Cabbage. It will grow in any ordinary well-prepared soil which has been deeply trenched and fairly heavily manured. An open sunny position is best.

Seeds are sown about the middle of March, broadcast thinly in the nursery bed. As soon as possible the plants can be set out in their permanent positions 2 or 3 ft. apart each way. The part eaten is the hard, leafy stems, and to ensure that these are well grown, tender and succulent, plenty of water and occasional soakings with liquid manure should be given.

A second sowing can be made in April if desired.

When the outer leaves have been gathered and used, the heart can be cut and cooked in the same way as an ordinary cabbage. The cropping season is winter.

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