Cotoneaster conspicuus

The dynamic growth pattern of the Tibetan Cotoneaster conspicuus makes it an excellent plant to use in association with a formal seating area on the patio; in the short term, it is happy as a containerized plant, but will produce a better shape if given the free root-run of a patio plant bed. The strongly arching branches are clothed with small glossy evergreen leaves; these look dual coloured, as the underside of each leaf is covered in fine hairs and the leaves are held at odd angles to each other along the branches. In early Summer this plant is wreathed in small white flowers, which have reddish anthers. Come Autumn and Winter, this shrub is very striking, when the numerous small round scarlet fruits cover the branches and may persist until the following Easter.

This plant is fully frost-hardy and, like most Cotoneaster, is even tolerant of cold winds; it is a useful plant for exposed sites.

Place Cotoneaster conspicuus in either full sun or light shade; as an evergreen species, it will thrive under limited light conditions.

Water tub-grown plants thoroughly, then allow the surface 5cm (2in) of compost to dry before the next thorough watering. Keep on the dry side during Winter.

This very tough shrub has no need of any additional humidity: the leaves are thick and and are good at retaining moisture.

Top-dress established, tub-grown shrubs with a general-purpose tree and shrub fertilizer in Spring.

Grow C. conspicuus in a good-quality, loam-based compost, to which has been added up to a quarter by volume of horticultural grit. Repot smaller plants each Spring, until they are in proportion with the final choice of pot. Plant out into the garden after 2-3 years in this last pot.

For the best-shaped plants, begin pruning early, and carefully prune out any shoots which are about to leap away from the ‘ideal’ plant form; this does take a bit of practice.

Excessively wild plants may be kept in place by hard pruning in Spring.


Compost: Provide a well-drained growing medium, as Cotoneaster conspicuus dislikes waterlogged conditions.

Leaf fall may occur if this plant is placed in hot sun and kept very short of water.

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