Conifer Trees: Taxodium


This genus is closely related to Metasequoia but originates from South Eastern United States and Mexico and not China. It is a small genus of deciduous trees with erect or spreading branches. The foliage is frond-like giving the trees a very graceful appearance. They are very adaptable, succeeding particularly well in damp swampy conditions, giving rise to its common name of “Swamp Cypress”. However they are not happy where too much lime is present in the soil.

Taxodium distichum

Large tree. After ten years: 4-6m. Ultimate Height: 30-50m.

The “Swamp Cypress” or, as it is called in the United States, the “Common- Bald-cypress” is the form most often seen and makes a very beautiful tree. It makes a strong central trunk with reddish-brown bark, the branches spreading outwards and upwards. The leaves are bright fresh green turning bronze in autumn before falling. It has small rounded cones which are purple when young. Although probably the best conifer for wet conditions it will do well almost anywhere where not too dry. It is native to the swamps and riversides in Florida and surrounding states and there large specimens produce “Cypress Knees”— roots which protrude above the ground.


Taxodium distichum

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