Conifer Trees: Cupressocyparis Leylandii


Large tree. After ten years: 10m. Ultimate Height:25-30m.

The “Leyland Cypress” is one of the most interesting and valuable introductions in recent years. It is a natural hybrid between Cupressus macrocarpa and Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, combining the rapid growth of the former with the hardiness and graceful habit of the latter. Although several clones originated in England around the turn of the last century it has not been propagated and grown widely until the last 10 years or so. It is now probably the most widely used conifer for hedges and screening. For the latter purpose it is excellent, planted at 1.5m. spacing upwards. It will succeed as a hedge where there is sufficient room for it to reach 2.5-3m. High and a corresponding width at the base, but for the normal low garden hedge it is too vigorous.

It is very adaptable both as to soil and climate conditions, succeeding well even in coastal areas. Small plants (under lm. High) are preferable since these establish themselves and put out “anchor” roots quickly. Larger plants must be well staked and/or guyed for several years if they are to succeed.

Once established, the Leyland Cypress grows rapidly, increasing annually by sometimes as much as lm. in height. It soon fills out to make a broad columnar shape, withstanding even hard pruning without damage. As a hedge it should be planted at 1 m. spacing, trimmed lightly at the sides until it fills out and stopped at the required height, which should not be less than 2.5-3m. There are several clones in cultivation, most of them too close to distinguish one from another except to the experienced eye. Some specialist nurseries may list more than one clone or cultivar, but generally they all lumped under the name of Cupressocyparis leylandii.



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