Combating clubroot

Another very serious plant disease is clubroot of cabbages and other brassicas, which compels us to rotate our crops as a partial control and to keep up the lime level in the soil, because the fungus which causes the disease likes an acid soil.

There are many partial remedies for clubroot disease, and one that is widely used by organic gardeners is to drop 7.5 cm (3”) long sections of rhubarb stem down the dibber holes when the brassicas are being planted. As the rhubarb decays, it releases oxalic acid, masking the cabbage root secretions which attract the clubroot spores.

There are many other organic gardeners who insist that they have no clubroot because they use enough garden compost to prevent the disease from spreading, but there is no proof that this is true.

31. August 2013 by admin
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