Clivia: Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Amatyllidaceae

South Africa

The bright orange-coloured flowers of Clivia miniata will brighten any greenhouse in the spring. There are also some lovely hybrids with yellow or creamy-orange flowers, and even C. m. ‘Striata’ which has variegated leaves. It is best to allow these plants to form undisturbed clumps or potfuls for as long as possible to get the best flowers. Should they have to be divided after flowering it may take one season or more before they will flower again. If seed is sown you will have to wait about eight years for flowers. This is worth doing, however, as they are very expensive to buy. Unlike some of their relatives they are evergreen and only need a period of two months in winter at lower temperatures and drier conditions as a rest period. At other times they should be watered freely and fed every fortnight. C. nobilis is often seen. It has smaller green-tipped flowers but still makes a handsome plant.

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