Chlorophytum: Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Liliaceae

The ubiquitous Spider Plant barely needs an introduction. It really only merits greenhouse space as a filler plant to set off more choice plants in a display. There are, however, three species commonly cultivated: Chlorophytum elation ‘ Variegatum’ (sometimes called C. capense’ Variegatum’) is the most common; C. comosum ‘Variegatum’ has a more distinct green band around the edge of the leaf, both of these are from South Africa; C. laxum ‘Variegatum’ from Ghana and northern Nigeria is more distinguishable, being smaller, with stiffer, narrower leaves than the others. For use in the greenhouse they should be raised in batches either by detaching similarly sized plantlets and rooting them in a box before potting up or by splitting mature plants. They are most useful in a 10 or 13 cm (4 or 5 in) pot and although they become potbound, with feeding they will be able to give good value for up to three years. I would favour a loam-based compost for these.

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