Camellia: Greenhouse Plants

FF – frost free only

Family: Theaceae

Tropical and Subtropical Asia

Although mostly thought of as hardy plants there are species that are only reliable under glass and make valuable additions to a frost free collection, especially as they flower so early in the year. Camellia reticulata from China is one of these and exists in many showy varieties. C. sinensis from China and India is the Tea Plant. The only pruning necessary with these is to remove shoots which lead to an unbalanced appearance. This work is best done before the plants start into growth in spring. Plants can be propagated by ordinary 10-cm (4-in) long shoot cuttings best made in late summer. Alternatively leaf bud cuttings can be made, especially if a lot of plants are required. Propagation can also be by seed sown in spring. A lime-free well-drained mixture of equal parts of loam, peat and sharp sand is an ideal compost.

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