Bitterwort: Lewisia cotyledon

The genus Lewisia is a member of the Portulaceae family of about 20 species of deciduous or evergreen herbaceous perennials that are all native to the Rocky Mountains. L. cotyledon is an evergreen herbaceous perennial with fleshy, dark green leaves, arranged in basal rosettes. The dense clusters of white, yellow, pink or purple-red flowers, depending on the variety, are borne from late spring to late summer. L. cotyledon grows 30 cm (12 in) high but there are also very attractive, more compact varieties. These undemanding, vigorous-growing plants only need moderately moist, fertile, well-drained soil and a lightly shaded, dry position. They do not tolerate being waterlogged, which would lead to stem rot. A layer of mulch around the plant will help prevent this. However it is advisable to protect the plants in winter. It is propagated from seed in spring or leaf cuttings in summer.

07. September 2017 by admin
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