Many of the remarks concerning sundials apply also to bird baths, and if you are a nature lover you will certainly have a bird bath in your garden. The number and variety of the birds who will then visit you will be amazing. Cheeky little tomtits, graceful water wagtails, robins, flycatchers, stonechats, will all make their home in the garden, and the good they do exceeds the evil. They will feed upon slugs, greenfly, and countless other garden pests, and make the garden resound with their song and merriment.

As focal points in design, bird baths are very valuable, as they can be obtained in a legion of designs and can be used where a sundial is impracticable by reason of shadows cast by adjacent objects, and where something less expensive than a figure is required.


Birds may be catered for in many ways besides the provision of baths. Nesting boxes, fat, coco-nuts, peanuts, swings and tables are all appreciated, and when the food is placed near a house window it is very enjoyable to watch the little tits hanging on to coconuts or hanging upside down in a fat container.

Many of these appliances are patented and are very good indeed. N price they are moderate. The warmest bird tables or cotes are those thatched with leather and may be either portable or simply fixed by driving the post into the ground. It is of course during the winter and early spring when birds are most appreciative of food given them, but they will stay around the garden the whole year through if they are encouraged when they find difficulty in procuring food for themselves.

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