Beloperone: Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Acanthaceae


Beloperone guttata is the only commonly available species and has become a very popular but not always easy houseplant. Given the root run of a greenhouse border and good light, however, it will make a splendid small shrub which should never be out of flower. The only disadvantage of restricting it to a pot is that after a while they do tend to become straggly and need pruning. One look at the flowers will satisfy the curiosity of anyone wondering why it should have the common name of Shrimp Plant. In fact the flower spike is a combination of shrimp-coloured bracts and tubular white flowers; an arrangement that is quite common to the family. Provided the plant is not in soggy soil or under shade it is very easy to grow in the greenhouse. Should pruning be necessary I recommend cutting the plant back by a good two-thirds to within one node of older wood all round. This should be done in spring when the shoots taken off can be made into 8-cm (3-in) long cuttings. It is possible to obtain seed which should be surface sown and needs light to germinate.

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