Bellflower: Campanula carpatica

This species of the Campanula genus, a member of the Campanulaceae family, is native to the Carpathian mountains as the name suggests. It is a bushy plant up to 30 cm (1 2 in) high that forms dense clumps of green, heart-shaped leaves. In early summer it produces a mass of white or blue, bell-shaped flowers which are borne singly on long, leafless stems. It includes some known varieties such as ‘Blue Clips’ with sky blue flowers and ‘White Clips’ (pure white). The species grows about 25 cm (10 in) high and is not invasive. It is therefore ideally suited for containers, window-boxes and hanging-baskets. It grows best in a sunny position in humus-rich, fairly limey soil. If planted in a hanging basket, it should be sheltered from the wind. It can be divided in late winter while cuttings can be taken after flowering. It recovers quickly from frost damage. Slugs and snails can be a problem, depending on the location.

21. September 2017 by admin
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