BEANS BROAD (Vicia faba)

Broad beans are a popular vegetable for growing on the home plot. They are less popular as a market vegetable but largely because the growers allow the crop to become too old to be palatable. The best time to sow broad beans is in late autumn, that is, in October or November. Spring sowings should be in January or February, but no later sowings are recommended, since beans sown late in the season are particularly subject to attacks from black-fly.

The broad bean is a heavy feeder, and plentiful manure should be dug into the soil during the early winter

The easiest way to sow is to take out a flat-bottomed trench with the spade, about 3 in. deep, and set the seeds along each edge so that there is about 6 in. between each bean. At least 4 ft. should be left between each double row.

When grown for ordinary use the beans do not need staking, but if they are grown for exhibition they should be staked, and grown as single stems, all side growths being removed, and the tops pinched out when the plants are about 2h ft. high.

Instead of sowing beans late in the season, in the open ground, they can be sown in the cold frame earlier, and transplanted 10 in. apart each way in a double row.

When the beans have set, an application of liquid manure given at frequent intervals will greatly improve the quality of the crop.

The best varieties to grow are the long-pod varieties such as ‘”’Exhibition Long-pod” and “Green-Seeded.”

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