ARTICHOKES, CHINESE (Stachys tubifera)

Chinese artichokes are mostly grown in large gardens, and by those who grow vegetables for exhibition. They are not regarded as one of the ordinary crops of the home garden. However, amateur gardeners would do well to grow more of the less common vegetables.

The tubers of the Chinese artichokes are the part eaten, and these are curious in shape, being marked in a spiral fashion, somewhat like certain sea shells. They can be used raw in salads, for pickling, or cooked whole as a winter vegetable.

Light sandy soil is preferred, but any ordinary deeply-dug, well-drained soil in a sunny position will do. The soil should be thoroughly dug in autumn and forked over in spring, adding a dressing of salt and soot. Tubers are planted towards the end of March, using a small dibber. They can be set 3 in. deep in rows in. apart, allowing 9 in. between each tuber.

Keep the hoe going during the summer and water them well if the weather is dry.


Image by graibeard via Flickr

The tubers are lifted in October and stored in sand for use as required during the winter.

For exhibition it is best to leave them in the ground until they are wanted, to preserve the colour. Two varieties are in common cultivation—white and red.

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