April Gardening

The hoe should be used at all odd moments during this time of year to help destroy young weeds which germinate quickly when the weather becomes warmer.

A keen eye must be kept open for greenfly which begin to appear about now and as soon as apparent deal with them instantly by spraying with a syringe and a proprietry brand of greenfly killer both of which can easily be purchased from a garden suppliers.

Slugs and snails should also be destroyed with a suitable powder sprinkled around affected areas.

A light dressing hoed in around young newly planted shrubs will help them to make strong spring growth which will have a chance to ripen in time to withstand the following winter.

Keep the shrubbery hoed regularly and as weed-free as possible.

Flower Garden

Bulbs which have been used for decoration in the flower border which have now finished flowering can be lifted and the soil forked over in readiness for the planting of bedding plants later in the month.

Plant seeds of hardy annuals for flowering this summer. The more tender half-hardy annuals should be left for planting at the end of the month. Having selected the types of flowers required the seed packets will give precise instructions on the time at which planting should be done and this must be followed carefully.

Border plants must have their stakes in position now and all creepers trained and tied to their supports securely.

Hoe the herbaceous border regularly except of course where seeds have been planted, and try very hard to keep the weeds under control as far as possible.

Dahlia tubers kept indoors to encourage shooting may now safely be planted out and staked.

Lawn Care

The mower blades can now be lowered to cut a little closer but not too short.

If moss has appeared on the lawn surface, an application of lawn sand can be applied and after a week or two the lawn well raked to remove the dead moss.

Apply a dressing of lawn fertilizer now and sift soil onto bare patches and re-seed. Alternatively the patches can be cut out and re-turfed.

Rose Garden

All the pruning of roses should have been finished by this month and the roses growing well.

This is the time to apply a dressing of good rose fertilizer to the soil around which can be lightly hoed in.

Weed all the ground surrounding the roses and make a check for any disease that may have already attacked.

Black Spot, easily recognised by black patches appearing on the leaves, must be instantly sprayed with a suitable solution obtainable at your local shop. Any infected leaves must be collected up and burned immediately to check the spread of the disease, and thoroughly clean any tools which have been used on the diseased trees.


Ventilate the house during the warm part of the day and water all growing plants when necessary. If the weather is warm and there is no chance of frost keep the ventilators open during the night.

Pests which appear should be dealt with rapidly and the house kept as clean as possible.

Summer bedding plants which were put in as seeds last month should now be hardened off in preparation for their outdoor home. For a few days put the boxes outside in the open during the day gradually getting the young plants used to colder weather. If the top of each plant is pinched out now, stronger bushier plants will result.

Seeds of ageratum, asters, cinerarias, petunias and stocks may now be planted in boxes.

Azaleas which have finished flowering must be re-potted in good rich potting soil and any other re-potting in the greenhouse attended to.

If sufficient heat is available, tomato seeds may have been planted earlier, but to get ahead with early crops it would be worth while buying hot house raised plants for the greenhouse border.

Fruit Garden

Black currants affected by Big Bud must be sprayed thoroughly with a lime-sulphur mixture at fortnightly intervals and all badly attacked wood cut off and burned.

Vegetable Garden

The soil should now be prepared for the planting of brussells sprouts, cauliflowers etc. which have been started off in the greenhouse or frame.

Fork over the ground where runner beans are to be planted and arrange supports. The beans can now be sown under glass.

Celery trenches can be made ready now and given a chance to settle down in readiness for the planting.

Sowings of all salad crops and herbs can be made and watered if a dry spell begins.

Plant marrow seeds and main crop potatoes which should have been bought earlier and put in trays for shooting.

Lift sage and thyme, divide the plants and replace.

Thin out carrots, parsnips and onions as necessary.

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