The Alyssum genus belongs to the Cruciferae family and is native to Europe, north Africa and Asia. The plant produces dense clusters of white, creamy, yellow or pink flowers that appear in spring and early summer. As a cushion-forming plant it is ideal for rockeries, flowerbeds and even cracks in walls, growing best in a sunny position. It will also thrive on sunny, dry balconies and terraces either in window boxes or as under-planting in larger containers. One of the best-known alyssums is A. saxatile, which flowers in various shades of yellow. Alyssum murale is a larger variety with grey-green leaves and yellow flowers. A. spinosum has grey-green, silvery leaves and white flowers that later fades to purple. Alyssum is frost-hardy and thrives in dry, well-drained soil. It benefits from an application of fertiliser after the flowering period. This is also the time to take cuttings. Alternatively it can be raised from seed in spring.

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