Alocasia: Greenhouse Plants

T – tropical, minimum of 18°C (65°F)

Family: Araceae

Tropical Asia

These really do need tropical conditions but when warm, humid, slightly shaded and moist they grow well and make exceptionally fine foliage plants. Alocasia X amazonica has the wavy margins of its leaves and the veins picked out in white against the deep green of the rest of the leaf. A. cuprea is almost the reverse as most of the leaf is a metallic paler green while the vein areas are darker; undersides are purple. A. macrorrhiza makes a huge plant with plain green leaves which become rather unmanageable when its large rhizomes start flopping over. There is a variegated form A. m. ‘Variegata’ which has large uneven cream blotches here and there on the leaves. They all prefer to be grown in an open peaty compost and will become very stagnant in loam. Propagation is either by division or by cutting up the rhizome. Sometimes small suckers appear which can be grown on separately.

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