Agapetes : Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

family Ericaceae

Nepal to Australia

These are somewhat shallow-rooted shrubby plants which I am very fond of, even though they are wayward in growth. Most commonly grown is Agapetes serpens which has long stems which bear the tubular red flowers which are patterned with regular chevron-like markings and hang down from short stems in spring. If you have the space this looks impressive if allowed to trail over rocks. A. macrantha has larger white, yellow and red flowers which look pale pink from a distance. These grow right out of the old wood in winter. Both can be propagated by cuttings which are straightforward for A. serpens but can be a little more difficult for A. macrantha. Pruning is not advisable given that most flower from older wood. However, there is no harm in shaping up plants by removing long shoots back to within a node of older wood.

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